Korean adoptee-led research: Korean Adoptee AND Citizen? 

AND is an overseas Korean adoptee-driven grassroots and action-research effort that emerged from first hand experiences with our citizenship status having to ask ourselves and each other over the years, “Am I a citizen?" and "What can I do to resolve this situation?" As more folks have come forward with what can feel like such an isolating problem,  we have begun to see a pattern of issues and needs, which also means areas to advocate for more resources across experiences that pertain to:

• adoption (non)finalization
• uneven processes of naturalization
• experiences of deportation, removals and "voluntary" departures

A adoption N naturalization and D deportation

Participate in the 1st Korean Adoptee Census

As our network for education and advocacy has grown to include adoptees who have been able to reconcile their AND-related issues, and allies who can help us leverage resources and solution, we have arrived at this moment of action: 1) We need all Korean adoptees to come forward and be counted. For those of you whose adoptions were finalized and you have placement country citizenship, this is incredibly reassuring information for us to know collectively. For you, the survey will be comparable to participating in a 5 minute census. Currently, no government that has participated in the history of intercountry adoption of Koreans appears to know: "What are our numbers? " "How many Korean adoptees have citizenship, and how many do not?"  We need to do better. 

2) We need to hear from more adoptees who are facing issues. For those of you who know that not having placement country citizenship is not just limited to koreans sent to the U.S. for adoption, have paperwork issues, are unsure of your citizenship status, are living without placement country citizenship, have been deported, and more, we ask that you consider this a public-facing platform for voicing your experience and needs.  For you, the survey may take 30 minutes. Inside the survey, you will have the option to indicate your interest in participating in a follow-up interview. 

And what happens next? We will be drafting and will release here a resource manual at the end of the year intended for all Korean adoptees and allies addressing the census findings.  

#KoreanAdopteeCitizenship #KADsCount